KAMILA Slow Release Fertilizer

KAMILA – Controlled-Release Fertilizer (CRF)
Kamila,  a truly controlled-release fertilizer recently launched in Malaysia. It is the only of its kind that comes with complete micro and micro nutrients available in Malaysian market.  KAMILA is specially formulated for the oil palm plantation industry to enhance the FFB yield and better protects the palm from many fungal diseases. Our six years research with the RISDA estate in Palong demonstrated that KAMILACRFformulation is not only reducing the fertilizer cost to about 20-30% but also able to increase the oil palm yield to more than 25%.  The advantage of KAMILA CRF:CRF/SRF - increase fertilizer efficiency and crop yield.

  • Reduce losses of nutrients through leaching, runoff, volatilization, and denitrification.
  • Save time, cost, and labor due to reduce in the fertilizer applications frequency from the conventional method of 6-8 rounds/year to 2 rounds/year.
  • . All macro- and micro-nutrient continuously released at the in the soil in line with plant demand (or nutrient release pattern synchronize with plant fertilizer requirement).
  • No risks of nutrients deficiency or scorching.